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November 12-14, 2021

Boca Raton, FL

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Are you an occupational therapy practitioner who wants to start, grow, or scale your business ... so you can change more lives AND make more money?

We know entrepreneurship can feel overwhelming, confusing, and anxiety-provoking! You might look at what others have accomplished and wonder if your business could ever be THAT successful.

Well, it can. You can!

Let’s be real: as OT practitioners, we were trained to be helpers, NOT business owners!

With the right knowledge, plus the right community, you can start or grow a financially profitable business .... AND have a significant impact in the world.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You started your own business but feel like you’re overworking and underpaying yourself.
  • You dream of starting your own business but aren’t sure what steps to take right now to ensure your future success.
  • You feel overwhelmed at juggling all the “things” in your own business: taxes, insurance, payroll, invoicing, marketing, social media (the list goes on and on!).
  • You’ve been running a business for a while but feel alone and isolated in your work.
  • You see other OT professionals who are running their own successful businesses and you wonder how they do it!


Imagine what your life would look like if ...

You felt confident, inspired, and equipped to run a business that could CHANGE MORE LIVES and MAKE MORE MONEY.

You had insider access to EXPERT TRAINING with successful OT entrepreneurs to see behind-the-scenes of their strategies for success.

You had a COMMUNITY of like-minded occupational therapy entrepreneurs where you could find your "business besties"...friends who understand the unique struggles of the OTpreneur journey?

You could FEEL GOOD about working less hours while getting paid more, all while making a significant difference in the world?


Join us at the 3rd Annual OT Entrepreneur Summit 

An online in-person summit to celebrate and learn from successful OT entrepreneurs.



See how it all works ... 

The Summit will take place virtually so you can watch the content on your own time (because we’re all busy, right?).

You'll get ...

  • Access to downloadable recordings of interviews with OT entrepreneurs (both video and audio), so you can listen on the go. 
  • Insider access to speakers and coaching in our free Facebook group open exclusively for the Summit until the end of May.
  • Downloadable resources from each expert speaker (such as a "how-to" guides, checklists, frameworks, or systems) to help you take action and implement what you learn.
  • New this year! Live coaching sessions with Trish Williams & Laura Park Figueroa within the private Facebook group!

You'll leave with ...

  • A transformed entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Renewed energy and enthusiasm to start or grow your business.
  • An action plan to move forward towards your dream business goals.
  • Practical resources from expert OT entrepreneurs at your fingertips.
  • Support from like-minded OT entrepreneurs who want to grow their reach to serve more people AND have financially successful businesses (We CAN do BOTH!).


Here's what last year's attendees said ...

Meet Our OT Entrepreneur Speakers from the last summit


Devon Breithart of Dynamic School OT:

Hire a Social Media Manager to Create Engaging Online Content and Build Your Brand

Jenny Gill of Jenny Gill Copywriting:

Leveraging SEO to Drive Traffic to Your Website and Find New Customers

Melissa LaPointe of Melissa LaPointe Consulting:

Choosing the Best Digital Product to Diversify Revenue Streams in your Business

Kristen Goodrich of Ready Set Treat!:

Starting a Solo Private Practice to Control Your Own Time and Money

Meghan Fox of Woo Tape:

Starting a Financially-Profitable Product Based Business

Raheema Hemraj & Lauren Sheehan of Rehab Tech Summit:

Tech Tools to Help you Automate Business, Save Time, & Make More Money as an OT Entrepreneur

Courtney Smith of The Office On Call:

Email Marketing Strategies to Help You Connect with Ideal Clients and Turn Them into Paying Customers

Carlyn Neek of Balance Works OT:

Mindset Strategies for Moving Through Fear and Embracing Challenges as an OT Entrepreneur

Cheryl Crow of Arthritis Life:

Creating Video Content to Build Connections and Grow Your Business in the Online Space

Reina Olivera of The Telehealth OT Services:

Sales Are NOT Sleazy: How to Feel Fabulous About Selling Your Services or Products to Customers

Laura Park Figueroa of Mind Your OT Business & Outdoor Kids OT


Trish Williams of Trish Williams Consulting and OTs Get Paid.


Ready to change your life & business? 



WHY should you attend YET ANOTHER online event? Is it really going to be that life-changing? 


The OT Entrepreneur Summit offers actionable content from thriving OT business owners and thought leaders PLUS you get access to a private community for insider time with the speakers and hundreds of OT practitioners who want to lead the way as business owners making an impact in the world! 

We’ve curated a panel of OT speakers who are thought leaders on entrepreneurship topics such as mindset, product development, online business, copywriting, SEO, diversifying revenue streams, and social media marketing. These experts have committed to taking you behind the scenes of their businesses to share how you can achieve the same success. Our speakers are many of the successful OT entrepreneurs you see online and wonder "How did they do that?"...

and now you're going to learn how!  :)


Hi! We’re your hosts for the OT Entrepreneur Summit, Laura Park Figueroa & Trish Williams.

We started the OT Entrepreneur Summit in 2020 due to our frustration with the lack of OT thought-leadership in the entrepreneurial space. 

We KNEW that OT practitioners make AH-MAZING entrepreneurs. We wanted to gather them all in one inspirational community to empower OT practitioners being competent and confident as CEOs of their own businesses! And the response BLEW US AWAY. We hope you’ll join us this year!

Click here to learn more about us. 

Laura is the CEO of Outdoor Kids OT  and creator of The ConTiGO Approach to nature-based pediatric therapy. Since 2018, she has hosted the Mind Your OT Business Podcast to empower and equip occupational therapy practitioners to be savvy and successful entrepreneurs. She offers free resources in her two Facebook groups: OT Entrepreneurs and Nature-Based Pediatric Therapists. She currently provides business coaching for therapists exclusively in her Business Bedrocks Group Coaching Program.

Trish is the CEO of Trish Williams Consulting, an OT entrepreneur coaching and consulting business. She is the host of the OTs Get Paid podcast, where the vision is to challenge, inspire and provide the tools to help OTs get paid their worth. Find free content in the FB group: OTs Get Paid and on her IG stories @trishwilliamsconsulting.

Learn the next steps to scale your OT business!


Is the OT Entrepreneur Summit for You? 


  • This event is for you if you currently run, or are interested in running, your own business! Last year we had everything from multi-million dollar practice owners to new practitioners who are considering entrepreneurship in the future...and we all learned from one another!
  • This event is led by, and geared towards, OT professionals but other healthcare professionals are welcome to attend. There is actionable content here using a unique OT lens that can help any business owner.
  • The OT Entrepreneur Summit happens only once a year! Don’t let another year go by before you join us to get strategic tactics AND inspiration to make your dream business a reality!


We've totally got you covered ...

You can literally attend the OT Entrepreneur Summit with NO RISK. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee! If you watch the speakers and participate actively in the summit, yet feel you received no value, we will refund your money!


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Get behind-the-scenes wisdom from rock-star OT entrepreneurs and get inspiration, encouragement, confidence, and know-how to start or grow your business!? Join us on May 3-7, 2021!